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Best Cooking Oil for Dieters

best cooking oil

Many dieters are confused about the best cooking oil to use. Using the wrong type of cooking oil can actually make you gain weight. It can be so frustrating trying to understand what the best cooking oil to use is. One expert recommends peanut oil, then we’re told that olive oil is not all that […]

Healing Oils For Hair and Body

Healing Oils

Traditionally, using oil on your skin was a big no no. Using it on the face was believed to be a definite cause of breakouts and acne. However, now we know that plant oils especially contain a wide variety of nutrients and antioxidants that have wonderful culinary and cosmetic uses. Recent search terms:pequi oil comedogenic

Storing Fats and Oils

storing fats and oils

When I was younger I had a roommate and we lived in this tiny apartment that had a small refrigerator. I was always trying to make room in the fridge so I would take the oil out and put it in the cabinet. The next day I would come home and it would be back […]

The EVOO Substitute That Helps You Lose Weight


You know you’re a hit when celebrities make up pet names for you. So, when celebrity chef Rachel Ray coined the term EVOO for the already popular extra virgin olive oil, its fame hit the stratosphere. But any celebrity will tell you that fame is a double-edged sword. Imposter oils are everywhere and you’ve most likely been scammed. Fear not Gentle […]

The Great Olive Oil Fraud

Olive Oil Scam

You can only lose your virginity once, and it appears that the shine has finally worn off of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but once something reaches an extreme level of popularity, it’s bound to be involved in scams.