Natural Perfume Oils that Make You Smell Sensational

Why wear natural perfume oils instead of regular perfume? Most perfumes are petroleum based. This is because chemicals are cheaper to manufacture compared to the number of botanicals needed to make an organic perfume. It takes tons of rose petals to make a relatively small amount of rose essential oil whereas chemicals can be synthesized in a lab very quickly and cheaply by comparison.

natural perfume oils
Traditional perfumes are alcohol based, and when sprayed they create a bubble around you so the scent can be smelled before you are in talking distance of another person. Also, if the scent is sprayed on your clothes it has no chance to interact with your own body chemistry.

With natural perfume oils, you must be within conversational distance to pick up the scent. Because you only wear it on your skin, the scent will mix with your own body chemistry and smell unique on each person that wears it.

Natural Perfume Oils

Look for natural perfume oils that contain organic ingredients. The basic list of ingredients consists of a carrier oil such as jojoba or grapeseed oil and essential oils of flowers and other botanicals.

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To add complexity to the scent, you can layer a natural solid perfume with natural perfume oils.

Unlike expensive designer perfumes, you’ll find natural perfume oils quite inexpensive. They normally come in small bottles that you can easily carry with you to reapply during the day. If you are looking for a more subtle and intimate way of wearing scents, consider natural perfume oils.

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  1. Rok says:

    Not a perfume fan, but this sounds logical. Might get me one someday…

  2. lau says:

    Oh I never thought of this idea, i was recommended to try lavender oil and almond oil


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